quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2015

Thyroptera lavali

Scientific nameThyroptera lavali Pine 1993
English name: LaVal's Disk-winged Bat
Family: Thyropteridae
Author copyright: Vinícius Cardoso Cláudio

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  1. Dear Vinicio, receive a warm greeting from Ecuador. These are excellent photos, congratulations. Is it possible that you authorize us to use them in our platform of Mammals of Ecuador?

  2. https://bioweb.bio/faunaweb/mammaliaweb/FichaEspecie/Thyroptera%20lavali

    1. I apreciate bioweb, I AM always reading your website.
      You are doing a awessome work. Jeep going and thank you

  3. Dear Vinicio, I am searching for records of T. lavali for a manuscript about the species. In the species section of the Handbook of Mammals of the world appears two records from Brazil, however, I only found the Bernard and Fenton (2002) record. Do you know other localities of T. lavali from Brazil? I will appreciate your answer. Best wishes, Miguel Rodríguez.